About us

„Everyone has a story to tell. You can go looking/searching for them and they can be found.
But above all, you can write stories yourself.“

– Leila und Fernando of WILD TALES –

WILD TALES is such a story. It is the story of a bar opened by Leila Bacchiocchi and Fernando Lopez Jansa. The two owners follow the motto: from dreams to reality. Their motto is inspired by the Argentinian film “Wild Tales” which tells the “wild stories” of different people.
Following their dream, the two owners /Leila and Fernando, opened their bar, WILD TALES, near Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, at the beginning of this year. Prenzelauer Berg, a place where often only breakfast or brunch is served – now has a new and cozy bar WILD TALES to revive the nightlife.

… once you have descended into the subterrane, a small place full of surprises appears before you: WILD TALES. The menu includes a variation of classic and modern cocktails, as well as Fernando’s own creations, cocktails mostly based on whiskey. The ambiance is cozy whether you sit on the sofa, in the back room on old wooden chairs or directly at the counter with its dim light.

We invite you to relax and at the same time invited to dive into another world – to tell stories, to experience them or to write new ones.

The co-operation is here capitalized. Whether you are visiting neighbors, friends or visitors from other parts of the city, Leila and Fernando offer their guests a varied program, including drinks, evenings, live music, readings, film screenings, exhibitions and vernissages. Stories from artists, stories from you and me are told here. This is what WILDTALES is all about: art and culture.